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Babel Doctor

· One min read

Babel Doctor is heavily inspired ripped from the awesome Yeoman Doctor by Sindre Sorhus.

babel-doctor has been removed as of v6.18.0 of babel-cli. If anyone needs it we will bring it back as a standalone npm module called babel-doctor.

We launched Babel 6 last week. This was a pretty big change from the previous batteries included Babel and with it came a host of potential environment issues.

In order to combat this we now include a babel-doctor command with the babel-cli that detects common problems with your Babel installation such as:

  • Missing .babelrc.
  • Duplicate Babel core modules
  • Outdated Babel core modules


First, make sure you have the Babel CLI installed.

$ npm install -g babel-cli@^6.1.0

Then simply cd into your project directory and run:

$ babel-doctor

Babel Doctor
Running sanity checks on your system. This may take a few minutes...

✔ Found config at /Users/sebastian/.babelrc
✔ All babel packages appear to be up to date
✔ No duplicate babel packages found

Everything looks all right!

We hope this makes it easier to setup and use Babel in your project.

Happy hacking!